Hello, I'm Ben and welcome to the Smiling Gardener website

Just a little bit about me...


This is my own new business that I've just started with a simple mission:


"To help create and maintain the garden you've always wanted"


After leaving school I've done a variety of jobs but none that I felt really fulfilled until last year when I started working for a local landscaping company and from the first moment my trusty spade sank into the soil, I knew I had found my vocation...hence I haven't stopped smiling since!


I'm young and still learning my trade, however I have a great network of experience to call upon, should it be needed and I promise that whatever the job, I will always be hard working, honest and 100% reliable. 


I also support a charity in Africa called EHRA and when possible try and visit to help support their excellent work in Namibia, please have a look at some of my photographs from last visit.


Please call for any enquiry and I'll happily come round, discuss what you want for your garden and how I can help you....over a cup of tea of course!


Take care



The Smiling Gardener